Tax Return Deadlines

There are a variety of IRS deadlines which impact Taxpayers, below is a list of some of the notable deadlines. Note: when a deadline falls on a weekend or a legal holiday, it is typically postponed until the next business day. The following deadlines represent the date assuming it does not fall on a weekend or holiday.


February 15

Exemption from income tax withholding (W-4)

April 15

Income tax and self-employment tax return (1040, 1040A, and 1040EZ)
Application for automatic six-month extension (4868) to file income tax return

October 15

Income tax return for taxpayers who obtained a six-month extension (4868)

Trusts and Estates:

April 15

Fiduciary income tax return (1041)
Application for automatic five-month extension (7004) to file income tax return

September 15

Form 1041 for estates or trusts that obtained automatic five-month extension


March 15

Income tax return (1120)
Application by calendar-year corporations for automatic six-month extension (7004)
[For S-Corps] Copy of Schedule K-1 to each shareholder
[For S-Corps] Election to be treated as S corporation (2553)

September 15

Form 1120 for corporations that obtained an automatic six-month extension

Tax-Exempt Organizations:

March 15

Annual information return (990) for organizations exempt under code section 501 or code section 4947(a)(1)
Extension of time (8868) to file 990


January 31

Employee statement (W-2) for tax withheld
Form 943 for income and FICA taxes withheld by employers of agricultural workers
Form 940 for FUTA taxes

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