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More Americans are choosing to file their own taxes versus hiring an accountant or professional tax preparer. This can sometimes provide a more efficient way to prepare a tax return (saving time driving and waiting in lines at a preparers office) and almost always provides a more affordable way of getting your taxes done. However, at times some taxpayers may struggle to complete certain forms or have questions regarding the information they need to provide. Mistakes on one's tax return can delay receipt of a refund or, in worst cases, cause an audit. Luckily, provides its customers with free assistance in completing their return on our website.

Our tax software provides the opportunity to self-file while still minimizing errors. It helps by presenting questions to the filer about their tax situation which works to help minimize errors and also, when applicable, may help to generate a larger refund. Not only is our software easy to use, we provide our online assistance free of charge to all users in case any questions arise with their return.

Support is offered via our online ticketing system and e-mail. Our software program also offers access to commonly asked questions and answers that also may help to solve the problem. Users can feel confident they are filling the forms out correctly because prior to transmitting users are able to review the return for errors and have the opportunity to fix them before they finish and transmit the return.

Using our software allows you to file at your pace and save money on the fees typically paid to professionals for their guidance.

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