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Preparing and transmitting a tax return over the internet is now more popular than mailing a physical form. Our software allows taxpayers to complete their tax forms online, sign them electronically and transmit them without ever needing to print anything or pick up a pen. Preparing your taxes online through the IRS' e-file program is considered safer by many than mail and you can also get your refund quicker, often in just 1-2 weeks with direct deposit. Standing in line at the post office days before the filing deadline may now become a thing of the past.

Online Software Uses Simple Questions to Maximize Deductions

Who wants to spend their day waiting in a crowded office until a tax provider can assist in getting the papers done right? If you choose another route, working through a 1040 and all the required schedule forms, you may be left questioning if they have been filled out correctly. Instead of going to professionals or trying to tackle the forms on your own, consider using an online tax software program like

There are hundreds of deductions to consider when doing taxes. Our online tax software can take the hassle out of finding those that are relevant to your individual tax situation. Simply answer their questions and the software will determine which you qualify for. As you answer the questions you'll be able to monitor how your questions impact your total refund.

If you have problems or need advice, our program offers an online support ticket system in order to assist you. We have experts on staff to assist you with questions you may have about our software or your return. Not only will you have less stress because you chose to use a software program, but with our software identifying deductions for you, you may even receive a bigger refund than you expected this year.

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